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  • Hawks Parade on Michigan Ave.
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  • Redline Shot: 35th St.
  • Walk off celebration
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I seek new opportunities to exercise my long-tested web design skills, which have been developed in a real-world setting. My knowledge has been gained through the classroom, the corporate & professional world and through
web sites that inspire me. To the Left are various photos that I have taken and manipulated on my phone. Below are some tools that I frequently use along with links to my social networks. Enjoy!

Tool Box:
  • FireFox Add-Ons: Firebug, CSS Usage,Web Developer Toolbar
  • Internet Explorer Testing: Expression Web SuperPreview, Web Developer Toolbar
  • Eric Meyer's CSS Reset: Stylesheet that was created to reduce browser inconsistencies by resetting certain default styles.
  • 960 Grid System: A CSS system that helps streamline implementing sites who's dimensions are 960 pixels wide.
  • AccVerify Cynthia Says: Application to check for web site accessibility compliance.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • jQuery: Javascript Library, Coda-Slider, Fancybox
  • Graphics Production: Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, Pencil, Paper
  • Coding Tools: Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Notepad
  • BrowserCam: Web Application that generates a screen shot of a site under different browsers/os's, for testing purposes.
  • Subversion: File Repository

Wireframe Gallery:
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  • Wireframe 3